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We all know the grand daddy of all theme parks is Disneyland and the 160 acre “children fairyland” in Southern California is gearing up the most fun part of the season with Halloween month having commenced already. Everyone is gathering up for cheap Disneyland tickets and why not, when there is so much guaranteed fun.

Discount Disneyland Tickets are very much available, provided you know where to find them. Disney Halloween tickets are also up for grabs. Take your children to Disneyland and give them the treat they have always wanted. Your kids will be delighted to find themselves staring at Nemo, sliding down with Mr. Toad or running through the temple of Doom with Indiana Jones. There are peaceful getaways in the park where busy parents could take some time off and enjoy a nice family meal. Disneyland discount tickets give you that opportunity to provide a great getaway for your family.

Plus, the Halloween season is on so Disney Halloween tickets are also available. Lots of fun events are planned at the Disneyland Resort for the Halloween season and they kick off every evening. So what are you waiting for, let me help you get fabulous Disneyland Halloween tickets. This year Halloween kicks off on September 13th, which incidentally is Friday —now, how’s that for spooky?

Most theme parks around the world offer seasonal discounts but Disneyland usually does not offer them. Disneyland discount tickets come rare. If you want to save money in Disneyland, the key is to spend less time there yet enjoy everything it has to offer.

So here is my guide to getting Disneyland discount tickets at a premium. Here is a summary of all the possible ways you can get your cheap Disneyland tickets without paying the full price. The important thing is to get there with a plan. If you plan to wait in line then it could take you three to five days to see it all. It’s possible to have more fun in much less time.

How to get Disneyland Tickets and Disneyland Ticket Discounts

Children three years and younger can avail entry for free whereas children aged ten years and up will have to pay for discount Disneyland tickets or Disney Halloween tickets. The tickets can simply be purchased at the main Disneyland counter or at

The smartest thing to do is to buy a multi park ticket. A multi park ticket allows you to visit Disneyland in the morning and Disney California Adventure in the afternoon, or vice versa. This is called a park hopper ticket.

However, for the absolute best offers and discounts, you should order Discount Disneyland tickets from either of these two websites:


Ordering online to guarantee cheap Disneyland tickets. You can print them at home. They prevent shipping costs as well. They guarantee a rate as low as you’ll get, for sure.

The Halloween season is on and Mickey’s Halloween Toon party is on every night. People flock to the place every day and there are hundreds of people, both young and old alike, having a grand party.

So what are you waiting for, log online and get your Discount Disneyland tickets before they all get sold out and you have to wait another year for the Halloween season to get your Disneyland Halloween tickets.


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