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Looking for DISCOUNT DISNEYLAND TICKETS? You can purchase cheap Disneyland tickets with the following authorize retailers. At Cheapthemeparks.com, we get you the best deal for Disneyland tickets and other theme park tickets at discount price!

Which Discount Disneyland Tickets Is Best For YOU?

Buying Disneyland tickets for cheap is not easy since Disneyland does not offer big discount to retailers because Disneyland have too many visitors. There main goal is to provide the best service to their visitors and the only way to do this is to cap the number of visitor to their park. For the past year, Disneyland visitor have been growing so fast that the park no longer can provide premium service. Guests have to wait over an hour per rides.

To limit visitors from visiting Disneyland, they have been raising price on their tickets every year, but this does not stop visitors from coming to Disneyland. For those that have never visit Disneyland before, Disneyland have two Parks not just one and it is impossible to finish both park in one day, so it’s best to buy the cheap Disneyland tickets 1 day. The one day Disneyland Park Hopper ticket is only ideal if you been to Disneyland multiple time and only want to be on your favorite rides from both park. In other words, if you like to park hop, then the Disneyland Park Hopper tickets is right for you.

The Anaheim Disneyland famous theme park is very big. It’s not possible for you to get on every rides within one day. If you want to enjoy all rides, activities, and entertainment it’s recommend to buy the 3 days discount Disneyland Park Hopper tickets. Three days might sound too long, but once enter Disneyland, the magical kingdoms and it attractions and entertainments will make fast forward time without knowing it.  Also, shows with conflicting times are another reason why buying a 3 days Disneyland ticket is a win win choice.

Recommended Attractions and Entertainments

The kingdom of fantasy shows, activities, and exciting rides is very big. The only way to not miss any shows or rides are to plan your time accordingly by shows. Here are some of the top rides, shows, and activities that we would like to recommend.

  • If you are interest in history, make sure you visit Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln on the main street and learn the history of Disney through Walt Disney’s first attraction. Also, stop by the firehouse and take note of the window above the large door.
  • Then you can start with visiting the fantasy land and then proceed to the rides and roller coasters. Rides like Pirates of the Caribbean, the Disneyland Railroad, Space Mountain, Star Tours, and the Mark Twain Riverboat. Another ride not to miss is the tranquil cruise on the Sailing Ship Columbia in Frontier Land. These are some of the top rides that both adults and children enjoy.
  •  If you still have times then don’t forget to visit the Matterhorn, the Rivers of America Lagoon, Splash Mountains, and Indiana Jones.
  • When night to come, Disneyland has many fantastic shows. The best shows at Disneyland are World of Color, Fantastic, and never to miss the firework Show above Sleeping Beauty Castle at night. Remember to plan your time wisely so you can enjoy all the shows.

Insider tip: Soft drinks and water bottles are very expensive at Disneyland. It’s best to carry a few water bottles or soft-drinks to make your trip more affordable.

Features of Disneyland Park Hopper Tickets:

  • Disneyland Park Hopper ticket allow you to visit Disneyland and California Adventure with 1 ticket.
  • Hand stamp, make sure you get a hand stamp when you enter the gate so you can park hop.
  • Fast-pass, this is a build in function with this pass.  This function allow you to use your ticket to reserve a spot for the ride of your choice.  All you need to do is insert your ticket at the Fastpass Machine and it will print you a ticket that have the time you need to come back, this way you don’t have to wait in line and can enjoy other rides at Disneyland.
  • No blackout date, this ticket do not have black out date! You can visit the park any day!
  • Magic Morning is included!

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