What to Expect at Disneyland Halloween Party

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Come Halloween season and its festive celebration time at 1313, S Harbor Boulevard, California. The reason being this location in Anaheim is home to none other than the iconic Theme Park, Disneyland. This place is also the host to the Disneyland Halloween party.

There will be lots of beautiful decorations adorning the scope of Disney Halloween and lots of activities designed to keep kids and adults busy and happy. If you plan to visit Disneyland during the Halloween season, then you should be careful and go to their official website and check out their hours. The reason being that on the days selected for Halloween at Disneyland, the park will close earlier than normal time. There will be a separate ticket for the party and to get Disney Halloween tickets, you should log onto Disney’s website.  For regular day pass you can log onto CheapThemeParks.com to get acquire cheap Disneyland tickets.

Things to do for Halloween at Disneyland

The main attraction of Halloween at Disneyland is Mickey’s Halloween Party. Mickey’s Halloween party happens on certain days only. The days are Tuesdays and Fridays in the month of October. It happens on Halloween nights and there is a special ticket for this pass opportunity. The ticket will give you access to all attractions and give kids special exclusive seating to view the beautiful fireworks and other activities. Kids and Adults are encouraged to wear funky costumes to the Disneyland Halloween party. This rule is not mandatory and most under ten’s are the ones looking forward to this privilege the most, also the reason why there is such demand for Disneyland Halloween tickets.

Another aspect of Disneyland Halloween party is the awesome Halloween decorations at the parks and of course, the entrance. A corner of the main street has a sixteen foot tall jack lantern in the shape of Mickey Mouse. It is very popular for quick photographs. The sides of the main street, heading towards the town square have more than three hundred pumpkins adorning the windows. They are lighted in orange and yellow.

Many Disney characters will be in their traditional character costumes and greeting the families that enter premises. Girls are encouraged to wear sleeping beauty costumes. Some of these princess outfits can be bought from their online portal site.

There is also the famous haunted mansion. The mansion is based on legendary director, Tim Burton’s movie, The Night before Christmas. The interiors are extensive and lit with hundreds of lanterns. It is almost impossible to take it all in just one visit as there is so much so see in the mansion.

Then, there are the Mickey fireworks that leave spectators in awe. They are a real treat to watch and continue for a long time. This is followed by the Disneyland Halloween party.

There is also the creepy ghost character called Dolores who will tease the kids while they ride the Space Mountain. Elaborate textures and effects turn the roof into an array of beautiful designs.

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