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Theme Parks TicketsDiscount Prices
You Save
1-Day Disneyland TicketsGate Price: $116
Partner Price: $111
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2 Days Disneyland TicketsGate Price: $223
Partner Price: $214
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3 Days Disneyland TicketsGate Price: $289
Our Price: $275
SAVE $14
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4 Days Disneyland TicketsGate Price: $312
Partner Price: $305
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1 Day Universal Studios Hollywood TicketsGate Price: $129

Partner Price: 119.99!
SAVE Up to $9
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SeaWorld San Diego discount ticketsGate Price: $94.98
Our Price: $74.99
SAVE $19.99
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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Tickets
Location: San Francisco/Sacramento, California

Gate Price: $62.99
Our Price: $40.99
SAVE $26
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Go Card
-Discount Universal Studios
-Discount San Diego Zoo Tickets
-Discount SeaWorld Tickets
-Discount Six Flags Tickets
-Plus 40+ Other Attractions
Best Price Guaranteed!
SAVE Up to 55%
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Southern California CityPASS (5 days)
-3 Days Disneyland Park Hopper Tickets
-1 Day Universal Studios Hollywood Tickets
-1 Day SeaWorld San Diego Tickets
Gate Price: $457
Our Price: $329

SAVE $128
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Six Flags Discount Tickets
Magic Mountain Discount Tickets
Los Angeles, California
Gate Price: $67.99
Our Price: $39.99
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What is a Go City Cards

A Go City Cards is an attraction pass that gets you into multiple attractions or theme parks for one low price. It provides admission up to 53 attractions and many included extras.  Remember each city cards have their own attractions/theme parks so remember to buy the card that have the theme parks you want to visit.

Benefits of Go City Cards

  1. Fun and affordable – You can purchase 1 day and visit all the attraction listed on the card.  For example, if you purchase the Go Los Angeles Card which included 37 attractions, then you can visit all 37 attractions in one day from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM.
  2. Multiple theme park discount – All offered cards are discounted and good for the budget. buy two theme parks, SAVE 10%. Buy three theme parks, SAVE 15%. Buy four theme parks and SAVE 20%!
  3. Portable – Cards are designed in wallet size and can be kept inside the wallet comfortably.
  4. Easy activation – You can activate your card by visit your first attractions.
  5. Flexible – You can order these cards as fast as you want with flexible delivery system.
  6. Accessible – Go City Cards offer instant delivery to your email or phone which allow you to access the Go Card immediately.
  7. Restriction – Only can be purchase online!

List of Popular Offered Go City Cards

  1. San Diego Cards – You can visit up to 46 attractions near city of San Diego, California
  2. Los Angeles Cards – Offered 39 attractions near city of Los Angeles, California
  3. Boston Cards – has 53 offered attractions near city of Boston, Massachusetts
  4. Miami Cards – integrated 35 attractions near city of Miami, Florida
  5. New York Explorer Pass – has 54 attractions offered near city of New York, New York
  6. Go Oahu Card – listed 36 attractions near city of Oahu, Hawaii
  7. Go San Francisco Card – offered 31 affordable attractions near city of San Francisco, California
  8. Go Orlando Card – visit 46 attractions near city of Orlando, Florida

Go City Card Free Pickup Coupon Code: FREEUSPICKUP

  • Apply the coupon code above when you are at the checkout page for free in-city pickup for Go City Cards & Explorer Passes.  They have many offices for pickup around the USA.  Remember to check the “in-city pickup location” at checkout for exact pickup location. ORDER TODAY!

How to Get Discount on One Day Universal Studios, SeaWorld, or LegoLand Tickets?

Are you looking for cheap tickets and wanted to visit all the attractions you like in one go? We have cheap vacation packages deals for cheap Universal Studios tickets, cheap SeaWorld tickets, cheap San Diego Zoo, and LegoLand tickets or any attractions in Los Angeles and San Diego!  We find deals in such a way that our clients can save money as much as possible. With the purchase of Go City Card, the more attractions you want to visit, the more money you can save. For those that required Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland to be on your vacation list. You can purchase the Southern CityPass, a combination discount pass that let you visit 3 days at Disneyland resort, 1 day universal studios resort, and 1 day at SeaWorld resort with one low price. These passes is designed for traveler and adventurer that looking for multiple days visit at a big city. The best thing about these multiple days cheap vacation packages, aside from it is very affordable; the pass is built-in with all the attractions within a city only in one card.

For those that only want one day Universal Studios discount tickets, SeaWorld discount tickets, or Legoland discount tickets instead of the bundle cheap vacation packages, you can purchase at discount by following these steps:

  1. Go to the  Check Out Page (click here)
  2. Start building your customize pass.
  3. Add “Universal Studios Hollywood, SeaWorld, or Legoland” to cart.
  4. Since Go card gave discount on multiple attraction, buy two theme parks, SAVE 10%. Buy three theme parks, SAVE 15%. Buy four theme parks and SAVE 20%!  One you have add your favorite attraction, add another attractions that is less than 8 dollar, to get 10% discount, my advice is to use this attraction “One Hour Bike Rental with Bike and Kayak Tours” which is $6, or you can search around for a lower price attraction or activities

Note:  You do not required to select attraction within one city.  You can add attraction from different city or attraction that you don’t want to visit to get your discount.


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