Universal Studios Hollywood Discount Tickets

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1 Day Universal Studios Hollywood Tickets


Gate Price: $123,

Today Special : $113.99

Save $9 

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About Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios EntranceUniversal Studios Hollywood has been one of the most entertaining theme parks in the world for the last 85 years. It has been literally called the entertainment capital of Los Angeles. It is one of the oldest and most famous movie studios in the world. It includes a movie-based theme park, studios tour, Universal City Walk entertainment, shopping and dining complex, and much more.

Sample of block Date Price for Universal Studios Hollywood tickets have increase exponential. At the gate it will cost you $110 +fees per One Day Universal Studios Hollywood tickets and adding a few more dollar you can get an annual tickets. Annual Universal Studios Hollywood tickets are not like the old day tickets. They have added many block dates, which many people have choosing the one day general tickets instead. It make no sense to purchase an annual pass when they have block almost 10 months.

At Cheapthemeparks.com, we turn everyday to a holiday sale. You will get to purchase Universal Studios Hollywood tickets at discount rather than buy them at full price. Usually our retailers will sale ticket at $15+ discount per Universal Studios Hollywood tickets and there is no cap on the amount of tickets to be purchased. For admission, our retailers usually have e-tickets for Universal Studios Hollywood tickets. You printed out the e-tickets or have it on your phone for admission at the gate.

To maximize your time at the park and make every dollars worth it.  You will have to plan your trip accordingly before entering the park. The goal is to enjoy all available rides and shows at Universal Studios Hollywood. The best way to plan your trip and enjoy all rides while watching all the available shows is to prioritize shows over rides. If you are at Universal Studios Hollywood, never miss the Animal shows, and Water World.

Top rides and Amazing Shows at the Universal Studios Hollywood

  • Transformers the Ride: This is a 3D Transformers ride. It is one of the most innovative designed rides using art high definition 3D technology. With the combination of 3D effects and movie cart actions, you enter a surreal world with the Transformers.
  • Shrek 4D Adventure Show: This is an amusing family ride where you wear 4D glasses and experience a real time adventure in following Shrek in his journey to rescue his princess. Get ready to jump in your seats, be tickled and get all wet with the Shrek 4D Adventure.
  • The Mummy ride: This is a high-speed roller coaster in the Mummy style. It will take you through the Mummy kingdom while you are seated in a roller coaster. The twists, turns and high speed of this ride are definitely worth trying once, although it is not recommended for heart patients and pregnant women.
  • The Studios Tour will let you experience how Hollywood makes and filming movies, how effects are produced and more.  At the end of the ride, you will get to see King Kong 360 3D and Fast and Furious 4, a very awesome and exciting 3D ride that you will not want to miss.
  • WaterWorld is definitely worth watching. It is like a real life action scene being shot in front of you. The action, drama and the entire thrill will make your time and money worth it.

Along from these rides and show, there are other numerous great shows and rides at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Since Universal Studios Hollywood is not too big, a well plan one-day trip is all you need, don’t spend the extra buck for the Annual pass, it not worth it!

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